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PoP WisH LisT UpdatE - YasieL

In July 2009, Yasiel was one of my early pics for my personal model wish list. At the time, he had done only a few photo shoots and the images were not necessarily the best, but his undeniable appeal shone through. Since that time, Yasiel has gone on to shoot with Ron Reyes, Luis Raphael and a handful of other incredibly talented photographers. His port has improved immensely proving that what I initially saw was in evidence enough for the big guns to take notice.

Here is an update on Yasiel, with photos by Joel Endemano, Jose Alexzander and John Hough.


Photo Credits:
1-5 - John Endemano
6 - Jose Alexzander
7 - John Hough

PoP DailY PhotO FavE


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