Saturday, September 11, 2010

PoP CelebritY - Nick GrubeR aka NicK SkylinE aka CalviN KleiN's new boyfriend

Looks like before Nick was scouped up by Calvin Klein (who is 47 years older) he tried his hand at modeling - both clothed and unclothed. In addition to the standard underwear poses, Nick also starred in some str8 porn features (included here) as well as some gay work for NextDoorMale, Sean Cody and Mason Wyler. Klein may be old enough to be Nick's grandfather (and certainly older than Nick's mother, as my friend Reggie pointed out) but who is going to refuse all those glamorous parties, including some cosmetic surgery to fix the teeth and trim the nose.
Hell, for that kind of money, maybe I could lay down with someone who is nearly 3/4 of a century old!'s Nick. Enjoy.

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