Thursday, September 9, 2010

PoP AmateuR

PoP AmateuR
It seems like advances in technology have given more people the reason they were looking for to indulge their secret desires to stip down and show off what they've got. There's Xtube, GayTube, Xpeeps, and countless other websites, not to mention web cams, and the ever present sexting. Digital photography allowed photographers a kind of freedom (finacially) to take more chances with their images, since they no longer had to pay for developing, and it has married photoshop to create truly spectacular images from even the most mediocre of photos. And digital cameras also allowed the average person to take any type of photos they wanted without having to leave their homes to see the results.

Out of all of this, we now have two types of images (and videos) that I have placed into seperate categories: the exibionists and the accidental porn stars. Anyone can take sexually revealing shots of themselves, but the introduction of digital, especially small, easy to conceal cameras, also means that our every moments could be filmed without our knowledge at any time. And it seems as if these amateur style images have grown so popular that even amateur porn is putting a dent in the high production glossy market. at rSEANd PoP, I am introducing a new feature: PoP AmateuR. I will leave it up to the viewers of this blog to decide if they want this feature to continue, so leave comments or it will disappear. So without further ado, here is the first crop of amateur images. Enjoy, but keep in mind - if you have photos floating around out there, you may see yourself here.

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