Monday, July 19, 2010

PoP SaleS - CollectiblE BookS

I am a photographer, but I am also a huge admirer of the works by other photographers, so I have spent the past 15 years collecting photo books to admire, to marvel, to gain inspiration or simply to enjoy. People who know me are aware that I am a collector, so often times they give me gifts when they see books that catch their eye. Well, 15 years is a long time, and over that period, I have amassed quite a collection. In many cases, I end up with more than one or two copies of the same book, so I end up selling them.

Now, for the first time on rSEANd PoP, I am offering some of those books to my blog readers and fans. Many of these titles are long out of print so they command high prices from resellers. If there is a title that you are looking for, send me an email at, and I will see if I either have it or can find it.
These books can be purchases through PayPal. Use the above email address to make a purchase.

I'll start with the high price, hard to find and rare books.

The infamous Chop Suey Club by Bruce Weber. This out of print title has commanded prices as high as $1700. This copy is in excellent condition.
Price: $300

From the mind of illustrator Patrick Fillion comes this sexually explicit collection of VERY well endowed guys engaging in all kinds of illicit behavior. Used copies of this book now sell for over $300. This is a brand new, never opened copy in pristine condition
Price: $300

The one and only Madonna's metal book SEX. Book is in excellent condition, but does not come with Mylar wrapping.
Price: $180.00

Bob and Rod by Tom Bianchi
Once upon a time, these two body building champions rocked the sports world by not only coming out, but announcing they were a couple. The union didn't last, but the photos, particularily those in this book and another by the late Herb Ritts entitled DUO, are still around. Long out of print, and hard to find, this copy is not only protected by a plastic cover, but is also autographed by the photographer and both the models. Perfect for collectors.
Price: $125.00

Ms. Chi Chi!!! With photography by Greg Thompson, this erotic, oversized book by Chi Chi LaRue set tongues wagging (and libedos pumping). This is a never opened copy.
Price: $60.00

Peter Arnold turns the male form into a art canvas in this stunning, large sized coffee table book, which was one of my favorites the year it was released. This copy is still in shrink wrap.
Price: $60.00

 More sexy men from Patrick Fillion. Brand new, pristine, never opened copy.
Price: $25.00

Photography buffs who love male nudes should be quite familiar with Christopher Makos. His lens seems to focus on more youthful models - college age guys who don't mind dropping their pants in front of the lens.
Price: $25.00

Our Lady Madonna created a companion, hardback book for her visually stunning Girlie Show. This book also includes a CD. Brand new, still shrink wrapped and in pristine condition. This hard to find volume is advertised on a few sites, but in many cases the sellers no longer have the book.
Price: $40.00

Remember: You can send emails requesting books not listed above to check for availability and pricing.

Please add $4.00 to the price of any book for shipping and handling. Books will be mailed the moment payment confirmation is received from PayPal, and sent standard shipping. If you would prefer to use a check or money order, please send email to for mailing instructions. Books will be mailed as soon as payment is cleared.

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