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PoP SpotlighT - LOS HOMBRES vol 1 and 2


This a visual story about the men of Latin American decent living in the United States. Beyond the stereotypes, prejudices and gender roles associated with this male dominated society lies a culture of people and pride.

These men are more than the titles and adjectives used to categorize, praise, devalue or express desire. They have created a world for themselves in the United States by starting businesses, buying and building homes, and establishing communities where it is possible to flourish even if you do not speak the native language.

They are husbands, fathers, sons, boyfriends, laborers, business men, artists, models, athletes, politicians, lawyers, doctors, accountants, activists, chefs, actors, entrapaneurs, clergy men, sinners and saints. But above all, they are suvivors.

LOS HOMBRES is a journey through a small section of Latinos in America, featuring both candid and glossy images of a variety of these boys and men.

There are two seperate volumes of this book. Vol. 2 contains nudity.

PoP DailY PhotO FavE

model: Garrett
photo: Male Portfolios

PoP ModeL - ChilliO

model: Chillio
photo: eMAGES

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PoP DailY PhotO FavE

model: Anthony Craig Vonbargen
photo: Jerrad Matthews Photography

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PoP PorN - LatiNBoyZ.com - LatinO CouplE pt. TwO

hh...those beautfiul Latin Boyz Check out the latest additions @ LatinBoyz.com
L a t i no C o u p l e
Warning: Do not scroll down if you are offended by sexually explicit male images.

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