Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PoP DailY PhotO FavE

model: J Gregory



I admire quite a few photographers and I am entranced by just as many models, but MURRAY! and J GREGORY are like a match made in heaven. MURRAY! has the ability to take intensely erotic photos that still retain a stong artistic sense, and he has found the perfect muse in J GREGORY, a model and DJ who's fearless inhibition in front of the lens is complimented by the face, physique and endowment of a super stud.
Here is my salute to the essence of erotic perfection.

model: J Gregory
photo: MURRAY!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PoP WatcH - RuPauL's DraG RacE

Stepping away from the usual for just a moment to admit that I am OBSESSED with RuPaul's Drag Race.
I have never been a huge fan of female impersonation, but I have had my share of favorites throughout my life, including Billie Ross, Joey Arias, Charles Busch, Berlin, and the number one diva herself, Ms. RuPaul.

Season One winner Bebe for l.a. Eyeworks: Photographed by Greg Gorman

What's great about the show, besides the typical reality drama, is that it is bringing an art form that many people outside the gay community may have heard of but are unfamiliar with to the forefront, and a large percentage are discovering that they enjoy watching the show. This is ground breaking TV when you think that this would not have been possible just 5 years ago.

I do have to say that the first season seemed to be made up of real artists, with far more originality and talent than what is offered on season 2, but that doesn't mean that the new crop is any less compelling. As it stands, there are only 4 girls left to compete, since the funny, charming, witty and one TRUE talent on this season, Ms. Pandora Boxx was eliminated last night. So we are left with the following:

Ms. Trya Sanchez:
There is no denying that Tyra is a beauty! Beyond her looks, however, is the contestant with the best fashions and the best runway. Unfortunately, she has proven to be a one-trick-pony in my opinion, who continuously emulates her idol, Beyonce, and the routine has run it's course. Tyra was know for he bitchiness, and for quite a while, all she did was get on my nerves, despite the beauty, but I have seen a calmer, sweeter side that is more appealing of late. It could be an act, but I'm not concerned. The end result is effective. The real problem is that Tyra can't talk her way out of a paper bag, and when I listen to her, all I can think is, "wow, this one ain't so blessed in the brains department."

Ahhh, Ms. Juju. I never thought Juju was pretty in drag until last night's episode, where she served "realness" to the fullest extent. I'm on the fence with her because she seems to enjoy talking about the people she is supposed to be close to when they are in another room, so there is an element of two faced antics at play. I've read exit interviews from some of the contestants who were eliminated and they've all said that much of that has to do with the editing process and that Juju and Jessica Wild were by and far the sweetest on the show, so maybe there's more to Juju than what we are seeing.

Last season had it's beauty in Rebecca Glasscock, but even she can't compete with the stunning looks of Tatianna, who my friend Rudolph says could be sitting next to you in the mall and you'd never think twice that she wasn't a real girl. Even a blind man could see that this girl is gorgeous! I prefer drag realness so I'm team Tatiana all the way, but she's so young that I know she won't win.

Last, and in my opinion, least is Raven, whom I despise. Raven is the cutest out of drag, but I've yet to see him do anything in drag that I would consider noteworty. He has a nasty attitude, is way too cold, and not a representative worthy to follow in Bebe's classy footsteps. He just bitch bitch bitches about everyone and not in a fiece diva sort of way. The only one I hated more was Morgan who I thought was unattractive as a man (like one of those inbred creatures from the movie Deliverance), a complete bitch, and not so great in drag. She looks like a poor white trash hooker. No suprise that he and Raven were such good friends, even before the show, as clearly they are cut from the same cheap cloth. But she's gone, and good riddence.
Raven's moments on the show are now marked only by her assurance that she deserves to win, or by episode long tirades about Tatianna who she is obviously carrying some obsessive jealousy for, to the point where it has become his only topic of conversation.

So who should win?

Well, I'd like it to be Tatiana, but I don't see that happening.  Of the ones left, I could only vote for Juju.

PoP DailY PhotO FavE

model: Roland

Monday, March 29, 2010

PoP DailY PhotO FavE

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

PoP DailY PhotO FavE

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

PoP PorN 2 - StraighT FraternitY.CoM


PoP PorN - MilitarYClassifieD - AshtoN

Head over to and check out Rob as he lures the latest str8 hottie, Ashton, into his first gay experience.
Every man has his price.

Click HERE or MilitaryClassfieds for a free tour.

PoP HoT LisT - ReaR ViewS

Photo Credits:

model: Ryan
photo: Shuttersnipe
model: Gennaro Brigante
photo: Muscle Hunks
model: Brian Keeny
photo: Chris Teel Photography
model: Darryl
photo: Mellow View
photo: Zedneram
model: s t e v o n y c
photo: Justin Monroe
model: John Ryan
photo: Mark Henderson
model: Lucas Huber
model: JaDo
photo: Peek Physique
model: Ben Dune

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Next in BLISS
Model GIO and photographer Joseph Smileuske
The EROTIC issue
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PoP DailY PhotO FavE

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PoP VideO - TelephonE

Am I missing something here?
While I applaud creativity and high concepts, I don't see what this video has to do with the song.
What's your opinion?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Unlike many photographer blogs, I don't often post my own work here, as I created this as a celebration of the ones who inspire me daily. If you want to see more of my images, join my photography fan page on FACEBOOK where I post my latest work, along with info on upcoming projects and casting calls.

You can also visit my website to see those naughty pics that FACEBOOK doesn't allow. :-)

BLISS UPDATE - Review of BLISS MALE MAG on GayDemon Blog lists

BLISS Male Mag is the product primarily of rSEANd, a photographer of some serious talent and accomplishment who has set up this magazine as well as his own website rSEANd Photography in what he calls an effort to "take his work a bit more seriously". Well, he has certainly made some awesome strides. Likable, talented and a fabulous wordsmith and interviewer, Sean provides in depth interviews with friends, models and photographers inside the industry, all of whom open up to this obviously sincere guy who just as obviously lives through his camera. It's interesting seeing model life through the lens of the camera's handler, actually. So often the medium of every event, camera people are used to dominating a scene yet not being recognized for what is behind all the flashy pictures, art and publicity of their subjects. BLISS is a trippy magazine, well worth going through. The photographs are by many of the world's premiere fashion shooters as well as those by Sean himself and they really do represent the state of modern model photography - with specific interest in the male subjects. Even further emphasis covers gay males and even those involved in the acting and modeling we typically call porn. This is a breezy magazine, quick and easily-digestible and lovely on the eyes. Great stuff here.

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PoP DailY PhotO FavE

model: Adonis OHoli photo: Krazie Kat

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PoP DailY PhotO FavE

model: Roycen D photo: Russell Tanoue

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Monday, March 22, 2010

PoP PorN - LatiNBoyZ.CoM UpdatE - RigO

Ahhh...those beautfiul Latin Boyz Check out the latest addition @
Warning: Do not scroll down if you are offended by sexually explicit male images.
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