Monday, February 8, 2010

PoP WisH LisT - KairoN JohN

No matter how specific my taste can be, I still find the beauty in all types of models, regardless of body type or physical characteristics, but there are always those that have something extra or unique that catches my eye. These are the models whose look or physicality is what I would love to work with one day, which is what lands them on my PoP WisH LisT.

KairoN JohN is one of those models who has presence, along with a definitive look. He is both handsome, well toned and incredibly sexy, with the ability to change his look depending on what type of photo is being taken. This is just a sample of this incredible young man. Please be sure to visit his links to see more of Kairon, as well as the photographer links.

©2010 Sean Dibble

Want more Kairon?

Photo: Credits:
photo: Steven Blank
Kairon John Designs
photo: Gregory Prescott Photo

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