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model: Pegarner photo: Maya Guez

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 G R E G G x A C O R D 

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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model: TJ Edelen

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Monday, February 22, 2010

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photo: Mike Tossy
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LatiNBoyZ UpdatE - MeeT SilenT

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

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photo: MS Foto

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Friday, February 19, 2010

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model: Dennix

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

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model: Bas van Leeuwen photo: iPaJa WebDesign & Photography

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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model: Jasen V photo: Carl Proctor

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Monday, February 15, 2010

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photo: Orlandus

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PoP SpotlighT - rSEANd PHOTOGRAPHY / Mr. LunA DesigN

model: Ramon photo: rSEANd PHOTOGRAPHY edit: Mr. Luna Design
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PoP FeaturE - ThE SofT or HarD OptioN

There is no denying that there is a double standard when it comes to nude imagery. The sight of bare breasts and shaved vaginas, be they in a painting, a Hollywood film, a foreign fashion magazine, National Geographic, Playboy magazine or even the handful of photographer/model social networking sites, can elict the usual oohs and ahhs from viewers. Even women look at Playboy magazine and comment on the physical attributes of the models, without feeling as if they are gazing at pornography.

So let's shake things up and throw a penis in there.

Good gracious, it's time to make the sign of the cross and break out the Hail Mary's! Who would dare to have the audacity of putting one of those dangling monsters right where any decent, law abidding Christian would have the misfortune of coming in contact with it? Any pervert who would do such a thing (such as this very blog) is no more than a cheap purveyor of FILTH!!!

It's not that the penis has never had it's chance to shine in artistic form. I mean we have the statue of David, which is a perfectly respectable piece of ART, in capital letters, lest some sicko think of getting their jollies from looking at this masterwork. And, come on, it has made it's debut in mainstream cinema. Even that nice Richard Gere gave us a glimpse of his in American Gigalo. (Speaking of...for those of you old enough to remember, that 2 second, pre-DVD, remote control pause and zoom era flash of genitalia cause quite a stir, and more so for the fact that it was shown, rather than what people saw, 'cause believe me - if you blinked, you missed it.)

Thank the heavens for cable television, which not only hasn't shied away from the male appendage, but seems to take delight in putting it on display as often as possible. Can anyone mention the prison drama OZ without linking it to male nudity? Almost none of the regular characters on that show escaped without having to give us a peek at the goods, including rap stars, sports stars, classically trained theater actors, and even former teen heart throbs like Luke Perry of 90210 fame. OZ was like the cock candy store, offering white, black, hispanic, large, small, cut and uncut samples for our viewing pleasure. And OZ was not the only show that liked to...uh, show men in the natural glory. There was Rome, Tell Me You Love Me, Real Sex, and even Sex And The City. If you want to see the dick, cable is the ticket.

In the past few years, the good old penis has popped up more often in film, but in most cases, if we get a lingering peek, it's played out for comedic effect, as in Walk Hard: The Legend of Dewey Cox or Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And good thing those scenes were meant for laughs, because the moment they appeared on screeen, every straight male in the theater began to twitch uncomfortably. Women may stare at Playboy and remark on the models perfect breasts, but it will be a cold day in you know where before the heterosexual male counterparts will pick up a playgirl and compliment the model on the contours of his shaft. It's as if the sight of any penis, besides their own, will render them powerless and easy prey for that contagious malady called homosexuality. Unless, of course, that particular penis is thrusting in and out of some female orifice in a porn movie.

And this brings us back to that continual arguement: Why is a nude male less acceptable than a nude female?

My friend Dave Lewis, the amazing photographer behind Lewis Art And Photo, and I were discussing this briefly today, and the even more shocking apsect is that even these social networking sites (well, one in particular, that shall remain nameless) seem to employ the double standard in an enviornment that, by it's very nature, should be beyond tolerant. I could (maybe) understand the no-erection rule, but when flaccid cocks that are way larger than average are deemed unfit for public viewership, then we REALLY have a problem. Why, you should ask, is it OK for a woman to bend over and give us a clear view of her inner workings, but if a man poses in a manner that reveals the opening of his anus, the picture will be removed with a lame explanation that it violates the rules? Even better, why would a site risk offending the very photograhers and models that are a considerable bulk of their bread and butter with such an offensive dislike for the nude male image? Or perhaps and even better question is what can we photographers who specialize in male imagery and the models who pose for us do to make these sites fear losing our patronage? After all, a site is only as good as it's popularity allows it to be, so someone needs to create an alternative.

Until then...we have these wonderful things called blogs, and our websites where we can show anything that we find to have artistic value, thereby thumbing our noses at all those who shun the male shaft. In an effort to please those who enjoy these images, and possibly offend those who are adverse to them, rSEANd PoP presents you with a small buffet from some great artists and models. And just to be sure this menu is serving to your particular tastes, I offer both the hard and soft option.

Enjoy and please do come again.

©2010 Sean Dibble


Photo Credits:

photo: Arteophoto
photo: Zedneram
photo: BLF Photography
model: Scott
photo: Dave Lewis
photo: Photofreedom
model: Devon
photo: Ron Reyes Photography
model: Andrea
photo: Tom Clark Photography
photo: Mark Gebhardt
photo: EJ Photo
photo: Charles Archer
model: Favian
photo: Wim De Roo
photo: TRJ Photography
photo: Zack Rush
model: Marek
photo: Norman Sinanian
photo: Dave Lewis
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