Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PoP HoT LisT - FeeT

I have always had an aversion to feet. I mean, these are the things that we walk on daily, and I don't think there is a person alive who has never come across the infamous odor that these dogs can give off once they start sweating. Considering the weight they have to carry and the burdens we place upon them, it's no wonder that they can get rough, dry, cracked or torn up from fungus. And once you've seen a really ugly, beat up pair, with toenails that have never been groomed, you're not likely to either forget it, or have the desire to embrace the person they are attached to.
My distate for feet was so bad that the sight of flip flops was enough to send me running in the opposite direction. In fact, I remember the only blind date I ever had, whom I was to meet at a restaurant back in the late 80's, on 17th street in the Dupont Circle area of Washington, D.C. Keep in mind that in those days, the stylish flip flops that are inescapable today were nowhere to be seen, and if guys wore these vile things, they were of the beach variety, also known as shower shoes. (And that's the ONLY place they should have been seen in public!) But I digress. Anyway, I showed up early, which anyone who knows me will tell you NEVER happens. I was sitting at a table near the window. I preferred indoors, even though it was a beautiful day, because I didn't want either of us to be distracted by all the beauties parading down the street. My date shows up right on time, and he's very handsome...except he's wearing dark green, rubber flip flops. Honest to God shower shoes. He sat down, introduced himself, and I responded in kind, and then excused myself to go to the rest room. I walked out of the restaurant and never looked back.
My how things change.
Looking back on that incident, it's hard to imagine that I was ever so shallow or rude, but it was one of my quirks at the time, and there's was no getting around my distaste of exposed feet. But a shift did come, even though I could not pinpoint when, and suddenly I found myself glancing down at feet on occasion, and mentally remarking on the nice ones. Yes, I said the nice ones. It would seem that I suddenly found some feet attractive. So much so, that a really sexy pair increased my interest in the person.
I have not graduated to the point where I find feet sexually attractive, but I have advanced enough in the study to understand why other people might. I have friends and co-workers who adore feet, and this got me thinking. First off, I feel it's unfair to label someone who likes feet as a fetishist, because we don't apply the same thinking to those that are attracted to the genetals. Feet are a part of the body, and some of them are just - dare I say it - sexy! They are a part of the physicality of a person, and should therefore warrent our interest.
And so - I've decided to expand my HoT LisT's and devote some to physical attributes that make a person sexy. Obviously, these traits will not be sexy to everyone who views them, but at some point, I will get to the body parts that they admire.
And this time, I am dedicating the HoT LisT to someone - in this case, Jerome - who opened my eyes to a thing of beauty below the waist. No, not THAT! ALL the way down.
©2009 - Sean Dibble


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