Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PoP WisH LisT - EliaS - AriaS - RafaeL

Q u e n t i N E l i a S
C a r l o S A r i a S
L u i S R a f a e L

One of the best things about joining model mayhem, no matter what role you play in this industry, be it photographer, model, or make-up artist, is the feedback. Creating art is a very personal activity, and I can honestly say that my photos are an extension of what I like to see, so in a sense, they are mostly for my own enjoyment, sense of accomplishment, or to gauge my growth. But discovering how your work is received by others, both in and out of the industry, can be either instructive or rewarding. Who doesn't like praise, right?

In my case, it has also been a way for me to marvel at the images that are created by other photographers whom I admire. I am inspired and motivated to work harder, try something different or just improve on a technical level, as well as a creative level. The ability to communicate with these people who I hold in such a hard regard is the equivalent of chatting with a celebrity for me, and in almost every instance, they have been warm, kind, generous, full of praise, and just as appreciative of my love for what they do. The assumption is that the industry is fueled by ego, and it may very well be on some level, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of humility that even the those I consider to be the best of the best have shown.

My taste in models has always run towards the every day males who we see on a regular basis, as I find the average joe to be as attractive as the glossy pin-ups that serenade us from the covers of magazines, or that adorn billboards. But even I can't deny the beauty of a well sculpted physique, or perfectly chiseled features, and when a model as spectacular as Quentin Elias posts photos, it is difficult to not view them with awe. If I were able to shoot the muscle gods, he is one that I would want to work with.

My PoP WisH LisT's have always focused on a particular model, but this time I am spotlighting both a model, and two of the photographer's who have shot him: Carlos Arias and Luis Rafael. If you have the time to spare, I highly recommend exploring the portfolios of both these amazing photographers, but be warned...you will want to spend quite a bit of time because these guys are masters of their craft and seem to draw beauty to them effortlessly. Quentin has worked with both, and the photos they created compliment each other well in his portfolio.

My new goal is to work with someone who looks like Quentin, and be able to do him justice as well as Carlos Arias and Luis Rafael.

Photo Credits:

Model: Quentin Elias

Carlos Arias


Luis Rafael Photography


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