Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is ThiS ReaL? YoU DecidE

SUPPOSEDLY... This is Jamie Foxx
You Decide.

Now, it was posted on Media Take Out, but that's no guarentee. With so many celebs being caught with the pants down recently, the suggestion has been made to post some of those photos here. This blog was created to celebrate the beauty and talent of artists in a purely positive way, so I don't think that will happen. (Never say never) I have to decide if reposting those shots here would be viewed as a negative act. You guys decide. Please leave comments.


  1. that face does not look like Jamie Fox.

  2. It was confirmed that this is indeed Jamie Foxx, taken on the set of a film. His lawyers threatened to sue media take out and asked that it be removed. So YES it's the real Jamie.
    Looking good.

  3. This is Jamie, the bastard. Nice body, but ugly personality. Never been a fan of his... well not since he made it big time. Loved him when he was on Living Color waaaaaay back in the day.


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