Monday, June 29, 2009

Janet Jackson honors Michael @ the BET Awards

Keep the Jackson family (and the world) in your prayers.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

PoP HoT LisT - ThE TeasE ShoT

Sometimes what you don't see makes a photo even more erotic.
In the first PoP HoT LisT, I feature some of my favorite tease images.
Happy fantasizing.

Lyndon Knott photo: Arteo Photo Kevin Moore Edit: Lyndon Knott

BRIAN FOCKLER - Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Manhunt

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Manhunt
Please click the link to vote for Brian Fockler.

photo: Sarah Marie Photography

photo: Sarah Beth Faison

photo: GamboaPhotos

Here's the link again... … ID=1256282

Visit Brian Fockler's Model Mayhem page for more images:
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rSEANd WisH LisT - LyndoN KnotT

LyndoN KnotT
photo: Arteo Photo Kevin Moore Edit by Lyndon

As a photographer, I have the opportunity to photograph beautiful people. Being a member of social networking sites such as Model Mayhem also allows me to see the works of other amazing photographers, whom I both admire and draw inspiration from. In addition, I view thousands of photos of beautiful men.
Being that I photograph men, almost exclusively, it would seem that the faces might eventually blend together, or that I would find it difficult to single out any one individual. This is not the case, as I look for more than just a handsome face or great body...I look for those models who have a true presence.

photo: Guido Luciani Photography

Lyndon Knott is a 24 year old stunner from Montreal, Quebec, who, for me, defines "presence", and possess many of the qualities that I seek in the males that I photograph. He has a well toned, lean physique, incredible eyes, seems fearless in his art, yet maintains an air of approachability. His look is comforting and familiar, while still being intense and sensual. Scanning through his portfolio is like a trip through his moods, with various depictions of playfulness, romance, eroticism, sensuality and seriousness, alongside both classic nude studies and edgy visuals. His nudes never appear gratuitous, and his poses seem natural. Above all, there is life in his eyes that offer a welcome, while hinting at a true, thinking human being behind their direct gaze.

Lyndon on modeling:
"I have been pursuing modeling as a hobby for a little more than a year now and so far its been very rewarding. I love being creative and artistic, and modeling allows me to do just that with other awesome, creative people."

photo: Marieve

Lyndon on Art vs. Pornography:

"Art, for me, is about engaging people in a significant way through a creative process. Porn, while certainly aiming to ‘engage,’ doesn’t affect us on a significant level. Unlike the artist, the pornographer doesn’t set out to inspire us deeply, to alter our perceptions, or to offer us clues to life’s big questions. This is the different between pornography and erotic art; for me it is a question of motivation. "

photo: Solstice Image

Lyndon on his current projects:

"I've done a range of interesting projects, but lately I've been focusing on erotic art. I like bluring the lines between porn and art and I'd like to inspire everyone to question where that line lies. I totally detest the politically correct ideals that often demonize pornography and eroticism or, at the very least, attempt to sweep it all under the rug. I see a lot of hypocrisy in our politically correct world and I want challenge that hypocrisy by challenging perceptions surrounding porn, eroticism, sensuality and art."

photo: P Senecal

Lyndon on the artistic process:

"My personal artistic process – whether I’m modelling, writing, performing or whatever else – is a way for me to create and be expressive in a way that engages others. I like to challenge perceptions, I also like to entertain. I want my art to make people think. I don’t think every single artistic endeavour has to totally challenge your world view – sometimes it’s nice to be a little more humble than that – but I do think any serious, ambitious artist aims, at least some of the time, to engage his peers on a significant level. "

I celebrate Lyndon here, the second on my model Wish LisT - the thinking man's model who can clearly do quite a bit of that himself.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

rSEANd MaN - David DodswortH

Introducing... DaviD DodswortHDavid is a 20 year old student who is new to the modeling world and tryting to build up his portfolio. He is 6'2" with exceptionally well defined musculature, soulful eyes and a quiet, easy going demeanor. In person, he is relaxed and accomadating, willing to learn and easy to direct. These photos were taken on Thursday, June 25 at his family home in Annapolis, Md.
Stay tuned for more of DaviD.
Check out DaviD's profile at:

Friday, June 26, 2009

rSEANd TEASER - DaviD DodswortH

New Model -New Phootshoot
CominG SooN

Thursday, June 25, 2009

PoP IcoN Michael Jackson Dies

I will be posting my own tribute later. For right now, I'm still in shock.
The world has lost 2 icons today.

Michael Jackson, the American pop legend, died of a heart attack in a Los Angeles hospital last night, just weeks before he hoped to resurrect his four-decade long career with a series of sold-out shows in London.
The embattled music icon was taken to the University of California at Los Angeles medical centre last night, and paramedics administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the ambulance. He did not regain consciousness and was reported dead about three hours later.
Earlier his father, Joe Jackson, had told the website: "He is not doing well."
The site reported that a 911 call came in to emergency services at 12.21pm local time from his Holmby Hills home in Los Angeles. Once at the hospital, staff tried to resuscitate him but Jackson did not respond, the website said.
The website said his sister, La Toya, was seen running into the hospital sobbing.
Jackson's close friend Uri Geller told Sky News last night he was hoping desperately that the reports of Jackson's death were not true: "I must hear it from a doctor. I cannot believe everything I see and read and hear at the moment. I hope its not true, I'm waiting like you are, like the whole planet is waiting to hear it from the mouth of the doctor taking car of him.
"I'm absolutely devestated and shocked. He was a young man terribly fit and basically in good shape."
Last night fans paid tribute to Jackson. El Toro Diablo posted on TMZ: "God bless you Michael, heaven just got another beautiful angel."
Kimbers wrote: "What a sad day. I hope Michael Jackson finds the peace that eluded him in life."
Another fan, Sineen, wrote on website "I never thought that one day would come and i'll have to write this down, Michael Jackson is no longer with us. May your warm soul rest in peace. I'll always love you Michael."
Rulintheroost posted on political website The Huffington Post: "RIP Michael. Your music was a joy to many people around the world."

For the complete article, follow this link.

FARRAH FAWCETT - Beloved Angel Dies at 62

Iconic, Texas born, Farrah shot to international stardom after just one season on the television show Charlie's Angels, a vehicle created for Kate Jackson and also starring the incomprable beauty Jaclyn Smith. At the time, she was known as Farrah Fawcett-Majors, and was married to the star of The Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors.
Little can be said about Farrah that has not already been said:

That her hairstyle was such a huge sensation, it became the 4th angel on the show
That a poster of her in a red bathing suit would remain, to this day, the top selling poster of all time at 12 million copies
That she left to pursue a movie career that never quite took off
That the producers sued her for breach of contract, resulting in her making a series of guest appearances on the show, all the way up to the Shelley Hack season.
That she divorced Lee Majors and began a long relationship with his friend, Ryan O'Neil

That she would go on to receive critical acclaim for her roles in Extremities and The Burning Bed

That her only child with Ryan, Redmond O'Neil, would end up in jail for drugs

That she would eventually end up fighting a long battle with cancer

That she would lose that battle, June 2009, dying at the relatively young age of 62.

But there's more to Farrah than just the press. She stands as an iconic figure in Hollywood, both for her beauty and her courage. I can't recall ever reading anything that depicted her as anything other than the same sweet girl from Texas, and unlike so many of today's celebrities, she was never tied to any feud.
Women and gay men emulated her hair style and her look, and millions of people tuned in to the television special chronicalling her cancer struggle. Her image will last forevermore, thanks to the internet and a Google search.

But for me, Farrah represents a part of my youth, when I used to stay home just so I could watch Charlie's Angels on television. The show would land the three woman on the cover of Time magazine, and prompt allegations of soft porn over it's arguably most famous episode, "Angels In Chains" where they end up in a woman's prison, replete with the sterotypical butch female guards, and a prostitution front.

When I moved to California in 1989 with my best friend, Coby Koehl, we discovered that Charlie's Angels was in syndication in the afternoons, and we would pick that time to buy our lunch so we could stay home and watch. It was a release for us during an uncertain time, when we had not yet adjusted to life in LA, and we're still missing DC.

It is with a heavy heart that I absorb the news of Farrah's passing, but she will live on forever in my mind and heart. She began as an angel, and in Coby's words: "Now she really is an angel."

May she rest in peace.

Sweet dreams, angel.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rSEANd WisH LisT - ThiagO BraziL

photo: MURRAY!
Thiago is a 23 year old stunner I met on Model Mayhem, after seeing photos of him taken by Detroit photographer, MURRAY!. This long haired beauty is based out of New York City and Bosten, and has been modeling for a few years, quickly establishing himself as a sought after model, both for his incredible facial structure, his lean, well toned physique, and (of course) that beautiful flowing mane of hair. He is the first on my Model WisH LisT, and the first to be featured here.
photo: Bryan Taylors Photos
photo: Uncredited / source:

photo: MURRAY!photo: MURRAY!
Check out Thiago on Model Mayhem
To view more images by MURRAY!, please visit his Model Mayhem profile
To view more images by Bryan Taylors Photos, please visit his Model Mayhem profile

Monday, June 22, 2009

rSEANd PrevieW

Who's the new rSEANd MaN?
+ + + + + + + + + + +
Theodore Vamos (or T.J.) is 20 years old and based in the D.C. Metro area, near Baltimore. At 6'4", he is much taller than the models I normally shoot. He does, however, have the one feature that seems to typify my models-beautiful eyes
Modeling has always been a dream of his, and his preference runs towards shoots of an artistic nature, but he enjoys anything that is creative. In his words, "If it takes effort, it's normally worth it."
The images featured here were shot by Washington D.C. based photographer, Jason Royce.
On Sunday, June 28th, T.J. and I will have our first shoot in a series of sessions depicting the American Male through the decades, starting with the 40's. Be the first to see the images when they are posted here.
To view more images of T.J., please visit his model mayhem page.
For more information on Jason Royce, or to view his beautiful portfolio, please visit his model mayhem page.
Photos by Jason Royce.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Carol's Daughter @ Essence in New Orleans

Who is Carol's Daughter?
Lisa Price always had a love of fragrance, starting with her turn as a flower girl at a family wedding, and the feel and fragrance of rose petals. She eventually began creating her own "recipies" in the kitchen of her Brooklyn, NY home for family and friends.
Her mother, Carol, would eventually convince her to try her hand a selling her creations at a Church Bazaar. And from those humble beginnings, a brand was born.

With appearances on Oprah, Tyra Banks, Rachel Ray, and the Today Show, her products have attracted a large and loyal following.

Carol's Daughter now has 8 retail locations, including two here in the DC Metro area (Westfield Wheaton Mall & The Fashion Center at Pentagon City). Her products can also be found in select Macy's, Sephora's and Dillards, as well as HSN.

If you are in New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival, be sure to stop by the Carol's Daughter pop-up store for a one of a kind experience.

To learn more about Lisa Price and Carol's Daughter, please visit the website.

Free download of Teena Marie/Faith Evans single

I LOVE Teena Marie, and is offering a free download of her new single "Can't Last A Day" with Faith Evans.

Everyone should download this song even though you have already done it. Each download for this song will be counted as an actual sale, even though it is free. Teena is already doing excellent on Amazon for downloads of the single and Congo Square.

Follow the link to get your copy.

rSEANd Model Spotlight - DiegO MoraN

I remember when I was first introduced to Diego, through a mutual friend. At the time, I was not thinking of photographing him, nor did I really give him my full attention, as I was concentrating on work, since I was still new to my company. It was not until later, after I had photographed another mutual friend, Ricky, that Diego sought me out. He had always been interested in modeling, but until he saw the shots I did of Ricky, he had no idea how to go about it.

His first shoot was actually as part of a duo, with a female model (Latysha Lucas) who asked if he would pose with her. The catch was that neither of them would be wearing clothes. I knew then that he was nervous about the idea, but for whatever reason, he agreed. The shoot lasted from 7pm until 5am, and despite the hard work involved, all of us had a great time. I took the opportunity to do solo shots of each of them, and some of those images are among my favorites of Diego.
As an artist, it is always exciting to create something that you feel connected to and proud of. This was definately the case with this particular shoot - but something more was born during that session...a deep friendship.

Diego is one of those people that is almost impossible to dislike. He is considerate, a gentleman, caring, affectionate, loyal, giving, funny, and genuine. He also allowed me to push myself creatively, and is exceptionally supportive of me and generous with his positive feedback. He helped me to believe in my talent, where previously, I had always been insecure about my abilities as a photographer. He became my muse and we have done numerous shoots together. When I wanted to make a statement regarding Prop 8 & the whole gay marriage debate, he became one half of a male duo in a series that focused on the love between two men. Diego is a straight male and a proud father, but he is completely secure enough with his own identity to take on any role, and savvy enough to appreciate the results. It was this series of photos that brought about my first feature in Beautiful Mag.

He decided to challenge himself and sit for his first nude session as well, knowing that this is a staple in the male modeling industy.

The results were artistic and tasteful, with just the right touch of shyness.
I celebrate Diego this week alongside a heartfelt thank you for helping me to keep the faith, for the deep love he extends to me on a daily basis, and for being one my best friends. He is a part of my family.

To view more photos of Diego, please visit his profile
All photos are copyrighted to rSEANd PHOTOGRAPHY

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